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US and Russia to talk Ukraine and security issues next month



“President Biden’s approach on Ukraine has been clear and consistent: Unite the alliance behind two tracks: deterrence and diplomacy. We are unified as an Alliance on the consequences Russia would face if it moves on Ukraine. But we are also unified in our willingness to engage in principled diplomacy with Russia,” the NSC spokesman said in a statement.

“The United States looks forward to engaging with Russia in the Strategic Security Dialogue on January 10th. Additionally, we understand Russia and NATO are intending to hold an NRC meeting on the 12th, and that the OSCE PC is scheduled on the 13th.”

“When we sit down to talk, Russia can put its concerns on the table, and we will put our concerns on the table with Russia’s activities as well. We will adhere to the principle of ‘nothing about our Allies and partners without our Allies and partners, including Ukraine.’ There will be areas where we can make progress, and areas where we will disagree. That’s what diplomacy is about.”

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