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‘Queen Mary 2’ ocean liner won’t return to New York after dropping off 10 Covid-positive passengers



The Queen Mary 2 dropped off 10 Covid-19 infected passengers in New York earlier this month. Instead of returning to call in New York as originally planned, the Queen Mary 2 will remain in Barbados until January 2 due to the “current international travel situation.

“As a precautionary measure Queen Mary 2 will take on additional manning in essential roles in Barbados prior to the sail back to the UK,” a statement from the parent company said.

The ship left Southhampton on December 13 and is scheduled to return on January 10.

The company said the additional staffing will take a few days due to current air travel delays and cancellations, and therefore will not have time to return to New York. The company did not answer when asked whether the additional staff is needed due to more Covid-19 infections, nor did they answer questions from CNN regarding how many total passengers ended up testing positive for Covid-19.

Covid-19 Pandemic Timeline Fast Facts
The CDC has started an investigation into the “Queen Mary 2,” according to agency’s website. It is one of 88 cruise ships that the CDC is currently investigating for having a number of Covid-19 cases that is either at or above the CDC’s threshold for investigation.

Flight arrangements will be made for guests that were set to disembark in New York on January 3rd, according to a statement from Cunard which operates the vessel.

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