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Good-Looking Toilet Brushes That Will Spruce Up Your Bathroom



I recently moved into my first solo apartment, which led to an odyssey of searching for unique home furnishings. With no roommates or partners to appease, I’m going hog wild with retro-looking toaster ovens, vibrant stick-on wallpaper and tons of grandma-approved embroidered throw pillows to fulfill my maximalist dreams.

Yet, amidst the fun, I noticed how hard it is to decorate a bathroom — especially a super tiny one like my mine. Because the toilet is so close to the sink, there’s no room for cute bath mats or vine-y plants. And because the shower condensation gets on everything, my go-to styling move of “throw some macrame around it!” is out the window.

If you haven’t been on a bathroom decorating journey lately, let me say, it’s freaking hard to find cute toilet brushes. Most are either totally functional, with no notion of *style,* or are super minimalist and kind of cold. While some people may be able to conceal their toilet brushes, my tiny bathroom has no storage. The brush is front and center and, therefore, a prominent part of my bathroom decor.


So, to make the most of my small space, I’ve set out to find toilet brushes that actually look cute. When you only have room for the bare essentials, everything has to be both practical and pretty. And though the path was, as Taylor Swift says, treacherous, I did successfully find a bunch of super cute reusable toilet brushes. They’re things I’d happily put in my own bathroom and I’m happy to share them with you.

From cherry-shaped brushes to plastic-free bristles, we’ve rounded up a selection of good-looking toilet brushes you won’t even want to hide.

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