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Former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid dies at 82



LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Harry Reid, an American politician who represented Nevada in the U.S. Senate for 30 years has died. Reid was known as a champion who fought for the state that he loved.  

Former U.S Sen. Reid was described as one of the most powerful politicians in state history.

Reid, who was 82, passed away on Tuesday, Dec. 28.


Reid served in the U.S. Senate for 30 years, including eight years as Democratic majority leader, and was the longest-serving senator in Nevada history when he retired in 2017.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued the following statement:

To say Harry Reid was a giant doesn’t fully encapsulate all that he accomplished on behalf of the state of Nevada and for Nevada families; there will never be another leader quite like Senator Reid. To me, he was a mentor, a father figure, and someone I trusted to always give it to me straight.  

I am heartbroken by the news of his passing. Kathy and I extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. We are especially thinking of Harry’s forever love, Landra. 

Perhaps what I appreciate most about Senator Reid’s legacy is he never forgot who he was or where he came from. From humble beginnings in Searchlight, he became one of the state’s most powerful and fiercest advocates in Washington, DC. He spent his life and his career fighting the good fight for all Nevadans. I feel lucky to have known him.  

I’m beyond thankful for the moments we shared. He will be so deeply missed but the mark he left on the Silver State will last forever.” 


Nevada Govenor Steve Sisolak

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer called Reid one of the most amazing individuals he’s met.

During his time in office, Sen. Reid was very vocal, especially for the Democratic party.

Reid was one of only three senators to have served at least eight years as majority leader.

In 2018, Reid underwent cancer surgery.


In 2020, Reid’s pancreatic cancer was in remission after he had an experimental treatment aimed at helping his immune system fight the disease.

On Dec. 15, 2021, Las Vegas airport was renamed Harry Reid International Airport in his honor.

Harry Reid was born on Dec. 2, 1939. He was raised in Searchlight, Nevada, south of Las Vegas.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement:

“Today, America lost a titan of public service.  Senator Harry Reid was a leader of immense courage and ferocious conviction who worked tirelessly to achieve historic progress for the American people.

“Over more than four decades of public service, Senator Reid was guided always by his North Star: to improve the lives of working families like his own.  As a son of a miner and a laundress, raised in a humble childhood, Senator Reid was a leader with strong family values, a pioneer spirit and an unyielding commitment to lift up others.  In the Congress, his strategic mind was legendary and unsurpassed – and he was a master of the legislative process during his service in both the House and the Senate.  Indeed, Harry Reid will be remembered as one of the most impactful Leaders of the Senate in history, helping to steer this institution with reverence, principle and command.  Officially and personally, it was a great privilege to witness his brilliance at work, as we worked together to rescue the American economy in the wake of the Great Recession, protect consumers with the historic Dodd-Frank reforms and advance the promise of quality, affordable health coverage for all with the landmark Affordable Care Act.

“Senator Reid leaves behind an extraordinary legacy of patriotism and leadership that will benefit the Congress and Country for decades to come.  May it be a comfort to his wife Landra, whom he adored, his children Rory, Lana, Josh, Key and Leif, of whom he was most proud, and the entire Reid family that so many grieve with and pray for them at this sad time.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein released the following statement:


“I’m saddened by the passing of Harry Reid, who left an outsized mark on our country and his home state of Nevada.

“I served with Harry for 24 years and watched as he rose from Nevada’s junior senator to become Democratic Whip and later Senate Majority Leader, a position he held for eight years. All told, Harry served in public service for nearly five decades, an incredible career for which his family can be proud.

“Harry had an uncanny knack for politics and was as tough as they come, often telling stories of his years as an amateur boxer. He left a huge imprint on the Senate and understood how the chamber worked better than anyone.

“One of my fondest memories of Harry was at the very first Lake Tahoe Summit in 1997, where he and President Clinton helped shine the spotlight on one of our national treasures. His work to preserve Lake Tahoe is one of many achievements over his long career.

“My thoughts are with Harry’s wife Landra, his children and his granddaughter. He will be missed.”

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