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DEA releases emoji drug decoder



BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an “emoji drug code” manual the agency explained can help supply visitors “a greater perception of how emojis can be used in conjunction with unlawful drug activity.” The guideline, posted in December on the DEA internet site, “decodes” a variety of emojis, modest electronic icons often used in on the net and cell phone messaging.

“The Drug Enforcement Administration is knowledgeable of drug trafficking businesses applying emojis to acquire and offer counterfeit products and other illicit medications on social media and as a result of e-commerce,” a document accompanying the information said. Amid the “decoded” symbols are a snowflake emoji for cocaine, a diamond emoji for meth, and a maple leaf, which the agency mentioned is “common for medicines.”

“Emojis, on their individual, should not be indicative of illegal activity, but coupled with a adjust in habits, improve in visual appeal, or significant decline/enhance in revenue need to be a reason to start off an important dialogue,” the document mentioned.

Underneath is the full emoji drug decoder.


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