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Dave Rempis and Avreeayl Ra’s saxophone-drums duo comes in from the COVID cold



A man playing the saxophone while another man drums

Bennu, the very first duo recording by saxophonist Dave Rempis and drummer Avreeayl Ra, will take its title from an avian Egyptian divinity that produced by itself and also aided carry the earth into becoming. It’s a fitting title for a fully improvised overall performance, particularly one particular that ended the longest stretch without having a gig that either experienced endured in their respective careers. In February 2021, when the two musicians ultimately convened at Constellation to record what grew to become Bennu, the Delta wave of COVID had wreaked havoc on their carrying out schedules for months: neither had played a live performance since November 2020, when Rempis had his very last open-air date of the season in Margate Park and Ra livestreamed a demonstrate as component of the Chicago Asian American Jazz Competition. Rempis and Ra have collaborated in many contexts for close to 15 several years, and provided the energy degree the two males commonly sustain in their ongoing job with bassist Joshua Abrams, it would’ve been affordable to assume their Constellation set to be a free-jazz blowout. In its place, actively playing for an viewers of video clip cameras and an engineer, they broke their silence virtually gingerly. There is an uncommon sum of room in Ra’s participating in, building Bennu an unparalleled prospect to listen to the tonal wide variety of his touch as he eases his way into a series of ceremonial grooves. Rempis responds with extensive, unfurling lines that peak with his regular rippling force, but he also dips into individual elaborations on the melodies he turns up as he winds by the drummer’s styles. The saxophonist has under no circumstances prior to engaged so deeply with the non secular and sonic implications of the tunes that Ra has produced in the company of Phil Cohran, Sunlight Ra, and Nicole Mitchell here’s hoping he can make his way again to this zone yet again.

Dave Rempis and Avreeayl Ra&#8217s Bennu is accessible by means of Bandcamp after 1/7.

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