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Cortland woman caught hiding knives in teddy bear at Philadelphia airport



(WSYR-Television) — A Cortland female is in hot h2o following a stuffed animal her 9-calendar year-outdated son was traveling with was located to have a pair of knives sewn into it, the Transportation Stability Administration (TSA) says. 

TSA observed the knives throughout a protection checkpoint at the Philadelphia Global Airport on Monday. 

The Darth Vader teddy bear confirmed the weapons soon after safety ran it via the X-ray machine. TSA suggests its officers recognized the bear had been restitched on its back again. Immediately after eradicating the stitches, the knives ended up located in its stuffing. 

“This is a good illustration of why we simply cannot assume that anything as harmless-seeking as a child’s stuffed animal is not a threat to protection,” explained Gerardo Spero, TSA’s Federal Stability Director for the airport. “Someone deliberately attempted to conceal two knives inside this 9-year-outdated boy’s toy for whatever rationale. It was a fantastic catch on the part of our TSA officers.” 


TSA did not expose the id of the lady, nor the reason for the hidden knives but did say the lady advised them the bear was a convenience toy for her son. She will probably encounter a Federal penalty for hoping to sneak the knives via protection. 

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