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7-Year-Old From Fairfax Acts in Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ – NBC4 Washington



A 7-year-old from Fairfax, Virginia, is no stranger to the big screen. He’s an actor in the Netflix show “Cobra Kai,” a sequel to the “Karate Kid” movies that returns Friday with its fourth season.

When Thomas Parobek steps up to kick, you can see the practice he’s put in. And it’s a good thing he packs a powerful punch, because it comes in handy on set. 

On the show, Thomas plays a younger version of the character Johnny Lawrence, who was the main rival in “Karate Kid.”


“It was actually really nice to be a part of that set, because all the people were so friendly there,” Thomas said. 

As for his favorite part of filming, he says he can’t get enough of crafty.

“I loved the crafty there. And if you don’t know what a crafty is, it’s pretty much like a big snack bar, that have all the amazingest snacks,” Thomas said.  

At his young age, Thomas already has a pretty big fan following.

“The fans are super amazing and super supportive,” he said. “One even made a t-shirt for me that was like, really nice.” 


It’s easy to see why he’s been so popular. He’s an experienced actor and has starred in several other movies, too.

“We’re super excited and proud of him and he’s doing a good job for only being 7,” Jessica Parobek, Thomas’ mom, said.  

Though he plans to keep acting in the future, his dream job is actually something else.

“My goal is to become like a doctor that helps people that have cancer,” he said. “So I just want to help as much people in the world as I can.” 

And Thomas is already making an impact both on the screen and off. He’s a young man of many talents who also swims, plays on a basketball team and enjoys drawing.


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